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You Okay? No.

.:. Faux Press .:.

Political commentary.
Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)


Disclosure :: :: Vlogvertising

Guess it's disclosure time: I'm mashing up vloggers. In exchange for commercial use of vloggers' footage, videobloggers get a minimum of :05 text / logo ad in the mashup.

In the meta, I think of the project as a video magazine and vlogvertising.

This screen will eventually draw in sufficient funds to make it sustainable for publisher and film makers alike.

Most difficult is to explain 'vlogvertising' and what vlogvertising means to potential advertisers.

The 'vloggie' nature of the endeavor enables low production costs essential to affordably bring vlogvertising to small business owners. The following sentence may be the explanation.

I look forward to the day we post the vlog commercial made by the eleven-year-old from down the street with her cell phone. That's vlogvertising at its best. - Jan McLaughlin
The first question I'd ask a business owner interested in creating a vlogvertising campaign is, "Who are your best customers?" Best customers are the best people to participate; their proven relationship with the business - dare I say their affection for the business - is authentic, and you can neither buy nor fake that.

What then are the essential elements of a successful vlogvertising campaign?
  • Authenticity
  • No lights
  • No sound gear
  • Real people
  • Real situations
  • Closeups / Detail
  • Movement
  • Community
All these folks contributed video to the above wee piece unless otherwise noted.

Link Love:

Philip Clark
Francisco Daum
Faux Press
Brian Gonzalez
Phil Hamilton
Adam Jochum
Raymond Kristiansen
The Lodge
Clark ov Saturn
Andrew Shapiro - electronic / ambient music
Duncan Speakman

Wreck & Salvage
Michael Verdi

Sara Weagel - Sara's Corner

Quicktime version.

Publishing this with an earlier date so as not to clog the RSS pipes with the enormous (118MB) file.

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross


Media Mashup :: The Poetry of Political Speech

Playing with the smartest guy not in the room, Bill Moyers, and the unremarkable footage of the Dems' response to the State of the Union address.


Greenthing No. 26 :: a Meditation on the Nature of Inspiration

One day not long ago Clark ov Saturn spoke about Beth Agnew's Laughter meditation and asked for laugh tracks. So, I checked out Beth's site and laughed. Then, laughed again on tape for Clark and Beth and myself and the world, and while packing Greenthing No. 26 for its road trip to Boston I laughed and looked forward to soon meeting a bunch of these folks in person.

The envelope containing Greenthing No. 26 has affixed to it two limited-edition, collectible USPS Greenthing Stamps. What shall I do with them?

The vlog-genre is in part about how we influence and inspire one another to MOVE.





"Dream Triptych" - Mashup Week V

The works of lots of folks appear in this "television show", notably the moving voice of atom bomb survivor Sakue Shimohira on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.

Each element chilled, moved or otherwise stayed with me:

spoken words - Sakue Shimohira (thanks to Democracy Now)

"American Flag" - unknown vlogger (metadata reminder alert)

"Flux Film No. 14" - Fluxus 1966

cello - Robert Rowe

poem "Wet Feet" - Ron Androla

spoken poem - John Korn

"Foolium" - Roy Trumbull of "The Story Spieler"

Volkswagon / AlkaSeltzer footage courtesy Internet Archive



Swim Symphony: Mashup Week IV

Shannon Noble's "Raw Footage" vlog strikes me for lots of reasons, not least of which is the vehemence with which he plays. Watched the footage many times, empathizing with the intense emotion displayed. It's been a month or two since he posted it. Thankfully downloaded the video because in the interim Noble wiped his site clean, hence no permalink to the entry is available.

Similarly, Robert Rowe's Cello Wireless Podcast of occasional cello improvs stays with me.

Both haunted me all summer from the hard drive.

Part of how I survive is to rent warehouse space to Tom, who recently invited me to his country lake-house for dinner and a swim.
Let this serve as a rejection of perfection and the consumption of images of olymipic-quality lives. Real life is imperfect and small and intensely beautiful, remarkable, shareable.
All that, simply to say: Here's Swim Symphony



Raymond Finds the Question; MSM Answers

Not only does Raymond not lose the question, but he gets some pretty good answers.

We in the vlogosphere continue to talk / think about content.

Content will come.

Verdi's got a workshop. If you don't think your content is as good as it could be, take it.

This is also a first step toward legitimately quoting another's videoblog entry. It's as big a pain in the neck as posting original work except it doesn't require digitizing. Sigh.



Faux Press: Mashup Week - Part III

Jay King.


Audio geek.

Creative type.

The inestimably silly Mr. King downloaded and remixed an audio post from yours-truly that appeared in an online literary magazine for which I serve as multimediatrix.

King made me laugh; you should be so lucky.

Feed him / subscribe to his doggone wacky new podcast:

You know, if we feed him he'll keep coming back for more.




Vlog News :: Greenthing(s)

Renegade Rene's Greenthing Vlog / Mail Art Project captured my imagination.

From the beginning - having last summer beta-tested the USPS program whereby you can create your own postage stamps, now in public release - I knew that I simply had to have a USPS postage stamp to commemorate and be part of Project Greenthing.

It took three tries, but finally an image was accepted.

When No. 26 is forwarded to the next recipient / participant, the official Project Greenthing stamp will grace the envelope. Collector's item? Damn straight.

Send your snailmail address and No. 26 is YOURS.

If you don't know about Greenthings, why, the little movie above explains a bit.

As a wise videoblogger once said, "Videoblogging, yeah. Cool. Cool."



Vlog Invasion! / Confession of an Indecent Vlogger

Inspired by and dedicated to Raymond, Human Dog, and the League of Decent Vloggers.

Part of what I've done here is indecent: I've used a fellow vlogger's footage without permission.

Here's the skinny: Saved this footage in July without noting from whom it was saved. Grrrr. If it's your footage, please get in touch to make a deal.

And that brings me to the subject of annotating / branding your films. Annotating in Quicktime (here's another metadata how-to link) is the only way I know, but at least put the address of your vlog somewhere in the video so folks like me can find you to beg, buy, or barter permission.

Without any information, well, here we are: INDECENCY.




I Want: a paean to desire

Testing's media hosting (thanks to new vlogger / Charles HOPE)

Revisiting some older footage of performances lately. This is from "Who is this Princess-at-Large Person and Why My Basement?" a more-than-one-woman show that was sketched out at various performance spaces in and around New York, including Amiana and the Baggott Inn.

Seemed to fit with Raymond's "League of Decent Vloggers" movie that I adore.

WORD JUST IN from ZudFunk: said adored above-incorporated "League of Decent Vloggers" movie is the product of the scrofulous Human Dog Laboratory and not Raymond at all! It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your movies are?

Quicktime version HERE.



"The vlogosphere is HOT and that means 'sexy,' dude."

"The vlogosphere is HOT and that means 'sexy,' dude."

Why vlog? This is why.


Added lyrics to the E-band opus, which I've recently dubbed the 'V-band' for internal accounting purposes.

Of course, soon as I uploaded it found a fellow, this fantastic Steven had joined but no worries, we'll edit everything together or something, soon. :)



Faux Press Vlog: Music Across the Miles / MA, MI, NJ

Music Across the Miles.

Phil Hamilton and Josh Leo made some music that moved me deeply for a lot of reasons, not least of which was creatively. This variation on their music video is the result.

[Quicktime Version]


Faux Press Vlog: Improvise w/Cello Wireless dot com

Word Improvisation to cello improv.

Found this cellist / composer / teacher Robert Rowe researching podcast stuff. His podcasts include lessons in improv technique and cello improvisations that rather took my breath away. Some vloggers were looking for music; he's creative commons amenable (attribution/no commercial) that we should use his improvs.

Not only that, but in response to my comment on his site, he mentioned it in his next podcast entry. We were both warmed by the exchange.

[Quicktime Version]


Faux Press Vodcast: Rat Remix

Michael Verdi

Ryanne Hodson


With especial thanks to RMK for the sidebar screencast demo.

Vodcasting has got it all over Podcasting.

[Quicktime Version]


Shadow Walk Remix for Mica

Mica's work consistently gives me moments of quiet inspiration.

And shakes me up.

Thanks, Mica.



Music: George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" as played by Carlos Barboza-Lima & Sharon Isbin.

Poem can be seen here.

[Quicktime Version]