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A Wee Nod :: The Vlogversation

Got a little nod from the amazing Ted Hope from his Truly Free Film blog.

Nodding back.

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Health Care Debate in a Nutshell


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I Suck @ Sound Generosity :: Really?

This guy writes this post about me over at the pro sound newsgroup:

I can't tell you how many sound mixers basically, ignored me, even to
this day... It didn't stop me, I just never had a real apprenticeship
and ended up just buying the gear, and jumping in.. mistakes and all.

I'll show you a wounderfull example of this "shun" in action by a lot of
the sound mixers out there.

Go over to, Jan McLaughlin's website..

Introduce yourself as a follower of the blog, you'll get a nice email
back, ect... Then tell her your an aspiring sound mixer! BAM! That
will be the last contact you have... A real shame.


He must be thinking of some other 'Jan McLaughlin' else he's as much of a jerk in his opening email communications with me as he is above.

Help me out here, people; I've helped a LOT of you with sound advice.

Speak up in the comments please.

How do YOU get and keep the attention of possible mentors?

I got my first sound mentor by giving him and his sound team 4 months of 75-hour weeks for nothing but cappucinos; in all that time the mixer didn't speak to me at all until my last day.

POST NOTE: Of course, it appears comments for THIS POST are borked. Just when I really need / want 'em. Murphy's law.

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BFF :: Best Friends Forever

A brief portrait of my mom and some of her best friends.

Mom likes whistling tunes because HER mom liked whistled tunes; as do I.

My Grandpa Wilson was a darned good whistler.

I do okay.


Nokia N96 Test :: Ongoing :: Light :: Flares :: Shadow

.:. Faux Press .:.

The media uploaded here is the raw footage, downloaded from the hereafter mentioned Ovi site, for comparison's sake.


The following is Ovi's flash compression of the same file:

The N96 is not bad at all capturing shafts of light, flares & shadow.

This video was uploaded to Nokia's Ovi sills and video sharing host. This is Ovi's html code for the media file that links to the video hosted @ Ovi's site:

12/21/2008 - Share on Ovi

Fair warning: Don't try to post to your blog directly from Ovi using an email address, because all the email addresses appear in the resultant post, including what should be your very private post-to-blog email addy. Oops.

An Ovi downside is that only the owner of the media posted has the option to download it in its mp4 format, and then, only with a script rather than the preferable direct URL. Perhaps there's a setting to permit any / all / or some to download, but it's not immediately apparent. Neither is the media's license immediately apparent. No copyright or creative commons license option at all as far as I can see. Probably buried in the terms of service. Not good enough.

Ovi should check out Blip.TV for best practices in IP regard.


A Recent Caroling Collaborator :: Dzakye

Delightful to discover the talents of new friends.

Dzakye is from Switzerland.

He sings, plays piano, makes video art.

Welcome to my life, Dzakye. Welcome.

[Dzakye's Media Site]
[Dzakye @ Seesmic]
[Dzakye Elsewhere]

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Musical Interlude :: The Weather Outside is Frightful

Re: The weather outside is frightful...
Embedded from 'old Seesmic'.

Re: The weather outside is frightful...
Embedded from 'new Seesmic'.

I love that this ongoing video conversation can be ported elsewhere -- anywhere -- on the web, and more, that anyone can join in.

Any time.

You dig?

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My Pal / Colleague Paul Plays Drums in a Band

Last Words

They are very good in my humble estimation.

Please check them out @ MySpace.

Over on Facebook, Paul writes:

Anyone know someone with too much money and not enough deductions that might be interested in helping me get out of this lifestyle? If you do, call me.

He also writes:

I am looking for a way to help people pay more attention to the little details in life.

Can anyone help him?

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No Carp Caviar = No Christmas :: @jenelson

You listening Mr. Nelson?



Check, one-two...

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Seesmic Sets its mp4 files Free

Holy carp

Seesmic's including RSS-encloseable links to their .mp4 files.

Holy cuttlefish.

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A Public Domain Reminder

Thanks to Grace Piper for the inspirational link.

Was also inspired to bring to the attention of director Raymond de Felitta @ his fabulous film / film / music history blog.

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Deepak Chopra on Seesmic :: Meditation


This is an ongoing conversation on meditation started by Deepak Chopra @ Seesmic.

Chopra's giving it away over there and yet, I'm guessing he's doing as well or better in his making a living having given it.

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Re-Vlog :: Ted Hope's NYC DIY Days Dinner

Transparency and community in film making as inspired by web possibilities [Shhh: Web 2.0].

Ted describes his blog -- whence comes the enclosed potluck dinner video -- like this:

We are on the verge of a new film culture and infrastructure, driven by both the creators and the audiences. We must accept that being a filmmaker means taking responsibility for our films all the way through the process. Building the new infrastructure is the first step towards real media independence.

Micro-budgeted, crowd-sourced, long-tailed, self-distributed feature film makers speak to the evolving business model.

In this Part 1 of 3 DYI Dinner are found the diners' introductions. Diners include:

Two more segments follow this one, below linked.

[DIY Dinner Part II]
[DIY Dinner Part III]
[Ted Hope's "Truly Free Film" Blog RSS Feed]

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Online vs. Offline Privacy :: The Pervasive Video Security Camera

Re: Online vs Offline privacy ?

Seesmic, a tool for video conversations.

Deepak Chopra conducts conversations there. Just saying.

The illusion of security.

Makes me shake my head.

A further discussion about making being an asshole an unsuccessful strategy for survival.


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Ezra Miller :: Clown

Ezra Miller :: Clown
Originally uploaded by Jannie-Jan
"City Island" Flickr group page. I wish my colleagues would come out of the closet and play with us there.

Rebecca? Where's that darned portrait of me n' Raymond in our robes? Get that shite up, yo!

Copped this image from Raymond De Felitta's blog to upload here so show them (in part) how a City Island Flickr account could benefit them.

Photo by Cecelia B (I think). Her Mum and Da are so proud.

Folks will be able to easily blog this image if they wish.

Easily touched and shared.

Come play with us over @ Flickr.

POST NOTE: Here's a link to someone who knows Cecelia B: CLICK ME!.

[Social Object Lesson]

I don't know the copyright status of the enclosed, pilfered image. Were the image hosted @ Flickr, that would be obvious. I lean toward setting these things free to the blogosphere.

Lovely portrait, no?


Social Objects 101

If you're interested in marketing, this is a 'must-listen' interview.


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Re-vlogging Lawrence Lessig :: THE Idea for the 21st Century

Okay. I tend toward hyperbole, but this is honestly one of the best ideas toward action and change I've heard lately.

Unsurprisingly, this comes from the same fellow who gave us one of the best ideas of the 20th Century: the Creative Commons.


Then listen again.

[Lessig's Blog]
[Lessig RSS Feed]
[Quicktime version]

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Hotlinking Croma :: Revlog :: Tag

Croma strikes.

Have watched this half a dozen times. Never fails to take me somewhere unexpected.

You're it.

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The Faux Press #18

Gabcast! The Faux Press #18


Staten Island Homestead Search

Went on a mission to find my friend's family homestead while working in Staten Island a couple summers ago.

Don't know if I found it or not.

Will have to see what Joani says after she's seen the video.