I Want: a paean to desire

Testing Blip.tv's media hosting (thanks to new vlogger / Blip.tv-guy Charles HOPE)

Revisiting some older footage of performances lately. This is from "Who is this Princess-at-Large Person and Why My Basement?" a more-than-one-woman show that was sketched out at various performance spaces in and around New York, including Amiana and the Baggott Inn.

Seemed to fit with Raymond's "League of Decent Vloggers" movie that I adore.

WORD JUST IN from ZudFunk: said adored above-incorporated "League of Decent Vloggers" movie is the product of the scrofulous Human Dog Laboratory and not Raymond at all! It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your movies are?

Quicktime version HERE.



  1. Jan, Chris of Human Dog created the graphic & Video...

  2. Ah dog-poop. Call in the editorial staff. Fixin' it up.

  3. I created it all, but I am using Raymond's server to host it.

  4. Well, that makes everything clear. Thanks, Weagel - you made my week with that little movie.

  5. haha that was faux!

    yeah, chris is my evil twin. let confusion reign.


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