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Guess it's disclosure time: I'm mashing up vloggers. In exchange for commercial use of vloggers' footage, videobloggers get a minimum of :05 text / logo ad in the mashup.

In the meta, I think of the project as a video magazine and vlogvertising.

This screen will eventually draw in sufficient funds to make it sustainable for publisher and film makers alike.

Most difficult is to explain 'vlogvertising' and what vlogvertising means to potential advertisers.

The 'vloggie' nature of the endeavor enables low production costs essential to affordably bring vlogvertising to small business owners. The following sentence may be the explanation.

I look forward to the day we post the vlog commercial made by the eleven-year-old from down the street with her cell phone. That's vlogvertising at its best. - Jan McLaughlin
The first question I'd ask a business owner interested in creating a vlogvertising campaign is, "Who are your best customers?" Best customers are the best people to participate; their proven relationship with the business - dare I say their affection for the business - is authentic, and you can neither buy nor fake that.

What then are the essential elements of a successful vlogvertising campaign?
  • Authenticity
  • No lights
  • No sound gear
  • Real people
  • Real situations
  • Closeups / Detail
  • Movement
  • Community
All these folks contributed video to the above wee piece unless otherwise noted.

Link Love:

Philip Clark
Francisco Daum
Faux Press
Brian Gonzalez
Phil Hamilton
Adam Jochum
Raymond Kristiansen
The Lodge
Clark ov Saturn
Andrew Shapiro - electronic / ambient music
Duncan Speakman

Wreck & Salvage
Michael Verdi

Sara Weagel - Sara's Corner

Quicktime version.

Publishing this with an earlier date so as not to clog the RSS pipes with the enormous (118MB) file.

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  1. Justin Simonsen5/02/2007 12:52:00 AM

    thanks for this advert I'm always looking for new podcast and I really like your taste.

  2. Wow. A thank you for an advert? Sweet :)

  3. hi jan,

    hope you're well! was great to hook up by the hudson.

    just a quick thing about the wburg video.. is there any chance you could put my link with my video footage? there's a fair few of mine on there but my site only comes up over someone elses video (the grass?)
    cheers m'dear



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