Vlog Invasion! / Confession of an Indecent Vlogger

Inspired by and dedicated to Raymond, Human Dog, and the League of Decent Vloggers.

Part of what I've done here is indecent: I've used a fellow vlogger's footage without permission.

Here's the skinny: Saved this footage in July without noting from whom it was saved. Grrrr. If it's your footage, please get in touch to make a deal.

And that brings me to the subject of annotating / branding your films. Annotating in Quicktime (here's another metadata how-to link) is the only way I know, but at least put the address of your vlog somewhere in the video so folks like me can find you to beg, buy, or barter permission.

Without any information, well, here we are: INDECENCY.




  1. well this is very scary ... I will try and avoid these people :) ...

  2. love the voice
    "its the vlog invasion"
    ha ha

  3. It's far too late, Richard, these people know altogether too much about you already.

    And Ryanne, it was a lot of fun to try to "do" the b-movie trailer impersonation.


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