"Dream Triptych" - Mashup Week V

The works of lots of folks appear in this "television show", notably the moving voice of atom bomb survivor Sakue Shimohira on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.

Each element chilled, moved or otherwise stayed with me:

spoken words - Sakue Shimohira (thanks to Democracy Now)

"American Flag" - unknown vlogger (metadata reminder alert)

"Flux Film No. 14" - Fluxus 1966

cello - Robert Rowe

poem "Wet Feet" - Ron Androla

spoken poem - John Korn

"Foolium" - Roy Trumbull of "The Story Spieler"

Volkswagon / AlkaSeltzer footage courtesy Internet Archive



  1. Gosh, where can a fool like me buy some of that foolium :)

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