Swim Symphony: Mashup Week IV

Shannon Noble's "Raw Footage" vlog strikes me for lots of reasons, not least of which is the vehemence with which he plays. Watched the footage many times, empathizing with the intense emotion displayed. It's been a month or two since he posted it. Thankfully downloaded the video because in the interim Noble wiped his site clean, hence no permalink to the entry is available.

Similarly, Robert Rowe's Cello Wireless Podcast of occasional cello improvs stays with me.

Both haunted me all summer from the hard drive.

Part of how I survive is to rent warehouse space to Tom, who recently invited me to his country lake-house for dinner and a swim.
Let this serve as a rejection of perfection and the consumption of images of olymipic-quality lives. Real life is imperfect and small and intensely beautiful, remarkable, shareable.
All that, simply to say: Here's Swim Symphony



  1. really nice ... videos worked perfect with the music

  2. I like the spiky stabbing of the bow, offset by the tranquility of the swim,
    or vice versa

  3. Weird how this worked out so well. Heard both pieces for a long time before it occurred that they might just fit together.


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