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A Wee Nod :: The Vlogversation

Got a little nod from the amazing Ted Hope from his Truly Free Film blog.

Nodding back.

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A Recent Caroling Collaborator :: Dzakye

Delightful to discover the talents of new friends.

Dzakye is from Switzerland.

He sings, plays piano, makes video art.

Welcome to my life, Dzakye. Welcome.

[Dzakye's Media Site]
[Dzakye @ Seesmic]
[Dzakye Elsewhere]

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No Carp Caviar = No Christmas :: @jenelson

You listening Mr. Nelson?



Check, one-two...

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Mogulus Tutorial :: Pitching the Digital Media Space to Artists & Screenwriters

Using Mogulus for 24 Hours 24 Artists

Mr. Verdi's always up to something. At the moment, that something is a 24-hour live webcast of a prairie-worth of artists getting their shine on. If you're interested in live web broadcast, Mogulus is one good way to go.

Have been digging Mogulus for a while
, and here's why:

  • Live broadcast that records it for later playback
  • Pre-recirded videos in folders for playback in the order you want
  • Easy-to-deploy graphics
  • Easy-to-deploy clickable crawling links fed by RSS feed post titles
  • Create a 'storyboard' collection of videos, and set it to auto-play loop until you return for another live event, or choose storyboarded videos on the fly, live
  • It's free
  • Internal video YouTube video 'search' w/drag n' drop to storyboards
Mogulus Downsides:
  • Internal video YouTube video 'search' w/drag n' drop to storyboards, but YouTube's the only external video game in town
  • It's free so ads show up, but there are paid models [Mogulus Pro Channel] @ a minimum of $350/month
Mogulus comes up on the radar just now because two of my friends -- one, an artister & teacher; the other, a film producer & writer -- each with different requirements, but both wanting to intersect with more than one individual in audio, video, text and stills.

For MB, the artist, Verdi's model is just the thing. This is the multi-artist project MB's got in mind.

Ged on the other hand, today finishes draft #1 of a screenplay he plans to share with four trusted industry friends and his wife, for a total of six individuals who could benefit from private access to each others' text and video feedback.

Ged will give them a little time to respond, whereupon he'll make adjustments and release the screenplay to a wider group.

It's at this point, the process could open up to a public blog, Google Docs, Mogulus and Seesmic. MB should be open from the very beginning; Ged may wish to wait until he's ready.

For sure, both could benefit from a WordPress video-friendly blog in which to embed the Mogulus player and to which they should add the Seesmic Video Comment Plug-in.

Why Seesmic plug-in?
  • Because you may not only embed entire ongoing conversations in a blog page, but;
  • You can comment in video, which gives expressions of critical thinking the emotional context text fails nearly every time to deliver
  • Here's an example of just such a video comment in the page; this is the (hopefully) ongoing 'conversation' embedded here:

Pitching Seesmic to a Screenwriter
Anyone can join the conversation, all you need is a Seesmic account. Or, you may make your video private.

Why a blog?

Because it creates a time-based record of the process, and subscribers (Google Reader may be the best aggregator for this) automatically receive:
  • updated versions of the script via .pdf
  • still and video images
  • videos of iChat / Skype conferences
  • text news

You'll also need to play hard in the Flickr, Facebook and Twitter sandboxes as well.

Using digital media to develop, make and market a film or art event requires a lot, but it's not rocket science, it simply requires a great deal of thoughtful time.

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Qik Live Stream Player :: N96 Field Test

It's here!

Nokia's N96 finally arrived, with help from my helpful neighbors who sign for my stuff from the lazy delivery guy who doesn't wanna schlep up a flight of steps and sometimes forget to deliver.

The increased quality of cellphone video will make a huge difference in what creators can imagine doing with these always-on, always-handy devices.

I'm soooooo interested in making a feature film using only cell phone video.

Need a writer, thank you very much.

In the meantime, can me and my pals produce a cellphone-based short film with Nokia's vine application? In three weeks? Dunno. ViNe keeps hanging up in Firefox. :( Have yet to install the application on the phone.


Failing interest in a short film, a few interviews anyway.

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Deepak Chopra on Seesmic :: Meditation


This is an ongoing conversation on meditation started by Deepak Chopra @ Seesmic.

Chopra's giving it away over there and yet, I'm guessing he's doing as well or better in his making a living having given it.

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Re-Vlog :: Ted Hope's NYC DIY Days Dinner

Transparency and community in film making as inspired by web possibilities [Shhh: Web 2.0].

Ted describes his blog -- whence comes the enclosed potluck dinner video -- like this:

We are on the verge of a new film culture and infrastructure, driven by both the creators and the audiences. We must accept that being a filmmaker means taking responsibility for our films all the way through the process. Building the new infrastructure is the first step towards real media independence.

Micro-budgeted, crowd-sourced, long-tailed, self-distributed feature film makers speak to the evolving business model.

In this Part 1 of 3 DYI Dinner are found the diners' introductions. Diners include:

Two more segments follow this one, below linked.

[DIY Dinner Part II]
[DIY Dinner Part III]
[Ted Hope's "Truly Free Film" Blog RSS Feed]

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Forgot the City Island Vlog Link Love

Director's Blog.

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Hello from the Sound Department via Vimeo

Hello from the Sound Department from Jan McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Shozu auto-crossposts cellphone-created videos to Vimeo for me. Very nice-looking, and a different kind of community than the YouTube, to which Shozu also automatically uploads cellphone videos on my behalf.

The downside? Tougher to keep track of overall hits. I don't personally care that much, but marketers and advertisers do. My guess is that in social media terms, responses count more than hits.

I like what Hugh McLeod has to say about social objects.

What are the social objects of a film-in-progress? What are "City Island" social objects? Perhaps audio, video & stills form a part of those objects.

I would love to get Jeff Pulver to do some stories about "City Island" blogging efforts.

My guess is there are 'concerns' among the beautiful intensity.

Of course there are. It's the bleeding edge of the digital now.

A Pulver breakfast @ "City Island" could rock for everyone.

Insert brief PRAYER.


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Vlogging City Island w/Raymond De Felitta :: My Bum

Cleansing the film maker palate with instant media.

Make & distribute short films while working 18 hours a day as captain of a ship.

It can be done.

Nokia N-series phone.

Get some product placement from Nokia, yo :)

Seesmic. Web-cam-based conversations. Depak Chopra posts here. It's good. Find somebody with a MacBook Pro and say it. Add a title and bingo, Seesmic auto-posts a notice w/ link to Twitter.

Qik. Stream live video from your Nokia phone.

Flickr. The "City Island" group @ Flickr.

Facebook. "City Island" fan page. 80 fans so far and climbing. Cool.

IMDB. Some conversations going on over there.

Shozu. A small cellphone application that allows you to title, tag and add blog text to stills and videos. Auto cross-uploads to any number of sites, including YouTube, Blip, Flickr, Vimeo, Veoh, and any email address. All bypassing cellphone email size limits. That said,you should definitely have an unlimited data plan if you get serious about working this way.

Twitter. Any blog post here is automatically posted to Twitter with a link to the original blog page. I can also make posts directly to Twitter with a text message to my phone.

Utterz. Dial a phone number (speed dial), press '2', speak, press '#', hang up. Utterz auto-posts to any number of sites you tell it to. No password entering BS; Utters remembers you & your phone. From Utterz --> Blog --> Twitter --> RSS feed --> Subscribers.

Blip.TV. Free sound & video host with auto-crossposting for non-cellphone video. It also transcodes video from either Windows or Quicktime into high-quality flash. Created your own, branded show player. Blip talks to Blogger, YouTube, the Internet Archive, among others.

Blogger. Free. In perpetuity.

All these online applications talk to one another on your behalf.

At any given time, when you find a moment of note, you can communicate with your friends, family & audience.

All without breaking stride, really.


My Bum. Sorta.

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For Dave Huth & Ordinal Malaprop

Two who've proven time and time again inspirational and generous.

Dave Huth's vlog site.

Ordinal Malaprop may be found HERE.

Today, they inspire me to again feature this potato.


Gas Buddy :: High-Tech Lowest Gas Prices via Crowdsourcing

Gas Buddy. Yeah.

You can send a text message with 'city / state' or 'zip code' in the body of the message and get a text back with the three lowest-priced stations in the area.

They got a mobile website, and maps, too.

All prices are removed after 36 hours, so prices remain oh-so-fresh.

There's even a mac widget for local gas prices. Whoa.

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35 - Live

Looks like I'm doing the sound for Kathryn Velvel Jones' "35". Keep your fingers crossed for us. Live. OMG. We go live September 19, 2007 at 9pm at

Don't know whether to hug or kick Verdi's butt for the referral.

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VlogEurope 2007 :: Team Blue :: Cliché :: Pas de Trois




Tagee's card.


The denoument of Team Blue's day together was a relatively well-considered two-camera bicycle ride.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


VlogEurope 2007 :: Boring Parts

[music source]

POST NOTE: Technical tip :: notice how some of the initial shots begin in soft focus. This is a technique I experimented with for the first time on this Sunday morning shoot day to fool the camera into doing a focus pull thusly:

Begin rolling with your hand or lens cover in place. Remove hand or lens cover. As the camera finds its 'focus', it renders on the fly an in-camera focus pull that works well for some shots.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


VlogEurope 2007 :: Xacti-on-a-stick

Thanks Xacti.

Shot by Tajee.

Demonstration by Gabe Mac and Aske Dam.

Edited by yours truly.

Think it may be possible to use a boom pole (already in the tool kit) rather than invest in a new monopod device.


Review of 4GB Sony M2 Memory Stick

We don't waste your fime.

Jeffrey 'n me @ VlogEurope.

Shot with internal audio/video per MacBook Pro specs in QuicktimePro 'record' mode.


VlogEurope07 to Halle_02 by Train

This is our Directions/Promo Video for VlogEurope 2007. That's me and Jan - Jan did all the filming and editing.


VlogEurope Tech Test for

Oh yeah. Click the menu button, bottom-right, to join us on live.

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Pixelodeon :: June 9 - 10 :: American Film Institute, LA

Oh, my, goodness.

Have been so busy with the launch and creation of Wburg.TV that I wholly missed the development of this film festival by folks about whom I care.




Just perused the web site. Here's something of what it's about:

On June 9-10 in Los Angeles, California at the American Film Institute (AFI), we will have three theaters screening videos on movie-theater sized screens. Two of the theaters will screen videos selected by curators according to a theme they have selected. The third theater is the Community Theater, which is curated by you (yes, YOU) on our wiki.

Sounds amazing.

Live in LA? Visiting LA June 9-10? Check it out.

Keeping the vloggersation going.

Wishing y'all the best and that I could be there with you.

This, THIS is the kinda thing that is the viable alternative to competition.

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