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WLOLL Interview :: Test Footage

Today we light; tomorrow, we shoot.

Wreck & Salvage.

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Winter Re-Run :: The Welding: Bride's Song - I'll Cut You if You Cut and Run

As promised, some documentary footage from the alternative wedding I helped produce and direct with my now-welded-together-forever pals Carol and Steve.

The song -- "I'll Cut You if You Cut and Run" -- was written by Carol and me - the bride's lyrics to my music - and was played by Brooklyn's Hungry March Band the day following the blackout of August 2003.

What a beautiful nightmare it was.

More footage from "The Welding" perhaps forthcoming. This serves as part of the collection of sketch /trailer footage I've made toward producing "The World's Longest Open Love Letter" film.

Wish me luck.


When I boot up my phone it says, "Try Again," which are words captured from inside a bottle top by an artist whom I know by the name of H.D. I bought the print from her. Perhaps it's time to hang the art collection. Again.

"Try Again."

I'm just saying.

POST NOTE: Re-posting this because I can and need to see it again.



"Human Land Mine" :: Sunstroke :: Nathaniel's, Greensburg, PA

.:. Faux Press .:.

That's my old pal, business partner, & collaborator Phil Platten on bass and vox.

A delight to revisit our collaborative work. We were called "Sunstroke" after a contest to name the band brought forth a few barely mentionable names. Gosh, something like "....Beaver Twins". Does anyone recall the third-place entry?

Would not have broached the material but for the fact that Phil moved on a year ago this month. And but for the fact that another bass player with whom I had a band also took flight.

[I could not bring myself to say that Phil and Dick expired the first or second draft of this post. Dare I say it now...but 'moving on' and 'taking flight' are two terms that seem correct for what happened to them.]

Dick Bungo: a consummate musician tho I don't remember him being in any of the bands, singing groups or orchestras in high school. Not much of a 'joiner' our Dick. Neither have I turned out to be.

This can only be considered a first draft of the video of the piece, for I will want it as part of the soundtrack for "The World's Longest Open Love Letter".

The lyrics remind me where I was emotionally in December of 1980, when this was recorded. Can't yet quite get my mind around it but in the editing -- in the meditation that is editing -- am certain all will become quickly clear.

Miss my old friend, roommate and Nathaniel's owner Dave Clark. Where are ya, Dave?

The full performance from that night may be found HERE for download.


Feeders for Human Birds :: a page from The World's Longest Open Love Letter

.:. Faux Press .:.

In preparation for the Faux Parade. With Cosmic Ray.


Behind the Scenes :: Four-Minute Ballet for Faux Press Corps, Celebrities & Disposable Cameras

.:. Faux Press .:.

As titled.

It's a dinner party.

It's a parade.

An adventure.

It's the debut of the Faux Press.

It's a celebration of success.

It's a meditation on journalism, commerce, and celebrity.

It's honoring our gifts.

It's ritual.

It's dance.

It's a 'love action' - see Blow! Blow! Blow! for the definition of a 'love action'.

It's news.


What in tarnation does this have to do with surviving depression?


Music by Danny Payne.


Publishing the World's Longest Open Love Letter :: Part I

"World's Longest Open Love Letter" publishing endeavors take unexpected turns.

More adventures in advertising. 


Dark Cities :: Stills

Dark Cities :: Stills
Originally uploaded by Jannie-Jan
Bruce, Jan, Stacie


Charles, Ed, Pablo

Stacie decided to come at the last minute. We were soooo happy to have her with us.

Film: what a beautiful pain in the butt.

The neon green 'Poetry' hat was a gift from dear friend C.I.


Why Film Making?

Film making as anti-isolation device - weddings & weldings - parades - faux parade - hungry march band - brooklyn - get a hobby - when I lose heart - robert croma - dannypayne - media ripples - getting it out in music - vote of confidence - the cost of truth - painting on big canvases.

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Hotlinking Croma :: Revlog :: Tag

Croma strikes.

Have watched this half a dozen times. Never fails to take me somewhere unexpected.

You're it.

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Notes from Archiving

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Film = Sculpture = Architecture

Revisiting some motion pictures that were at one point or another diverted to VHS.

Thanks to Ms. Jen Simmons and an eyetv 250 Plus, I'm able to digitize and revisit that footage.

It has an interesting if dated quality.

This offers a director's commentary on three early motion pictures. Below links are to the original, unadulterated works:

"Yoing" - written by Mikki LeMoine

"Mommie's Coming Back" - written by Jan McLaughlin

"The Psychic Poets Show" - written by Jan McLaughlin

The first two were originally shot on 35mm black & white stock - the same stock that Spielberg's 1993 "Schindler's List" was shot on. Our production performed pre-Schindler Beta tests for Kodak.

The other - "Psychic Poets" - was shot to a Beta deck.

Have lost touch with a lot of these people.

No regrets.

Realize I've been fascinated by advertising for a very long time.

Formats available: Quicktime Flash, .m4v

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Faux Press Podcast :: Why Art Matters

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POST NOTE: The proper URL for Tom's site is

"Life in the prayer that is artmaking."


Faux Fine Art :: Poet at Work

A faux tour through the faux art gallery.

Faux you.

Made all the sound you hear and all but the last two images that are by Florida artist Demi.

Demi taught me about honesty.

I find voice.


Re-Vlog :: Love Medicine

Ms. Sanders speaks succinctly & softly to wounds and healing through art & consciousness.

Difficult to visualize the body as sacred.

Orgasm as sacred.


Working on a video art piece that deals with body image and will post tomorrow.

SPOILER: In the meantime, if you're squicked by gentle, soothing words on the subject of the body, you should not play this fine piece.

Ancient wisdom.

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Love in a World of Capitalism :: From PRX

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, an hour contemplating the nature of love in the 21st Century from PRX.

Wish they'd set their works 'free' over there at PRX, but no, you'll have to go to their page and play it there.

Realize I'm going to give this a second listen 'cause I've been thinking about love as tool for a while. Wondering what love might be if left to its own devices.

It's easy to see why 'love' and commitment exist.

Less easy to see why and how those things might exist differently.

Mentioned in the podcast is this Gregory Corso poem "Marriage". From the end of that poem:

O but what about love? I forget love
not that I am incapable of love
It's just that I see love as odd as wearing shoes-
I never wanted to marry a girl who was like my mother
And Ingrid Bergman was always impossible
And there's maybe a girl now but she's already married
And I don't like men and-
But there's got to be somebody!
Because what if I'm 60 years old and not married,
all alone in a furnished room with pee stains on my underwear
and everybody else is married! All the universe married but me!

Ah, yet well I know that were a woman possible as I am possible
then marriage would be possible-
Like SHE in her lonely alien gaud waiting her Egyptian lover
so i wait-bereft of 2,000 years and the bath of life.


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Mom's a Twin

Mom's a Twin
Originally uploaded by Jannie-Jan
My mom's a twin. Her sister Fran committed suicide in October my first year in college. When I get a bit down I 'speak' with Fran and ask her to help me get through it. She does. Mom told me it was because of a fella she pulled the trigger. I think it was because the culture made her feel like crap 'cause she wasn't married, though I didn't always think that. I also hear she was doing daytime uppers and nightime downers. She worked for a doctor who kept her in both.

Mom still misses her in a cellular way.


Portrait :: Locations Maven

Nathan speaks about 'marrying his two loves.' Well, yeah. - Taken at 4:05 PM on October 26, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu
Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)


Faux Press Farm Report :: Little Lambs Eat Ivy

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


Next Audio Book :: "Women in Love" by D.H. Lawrence

Choose this work because a particular passage from "Women in Love" is quoted in the film "A Few Days in September" at about 1 hour 20 minutes into the film. The passage struck me as I'd not been struck when I read the text work a few years ago. John Turturro plays an amazing role in the film available free for Netflix subscribers with PC's and Internet Explorer through Netflix' watch now feature.

I shall read it only with the MacBook's internal mic so that it will proceed more quickly than the last D. H. Lawrence book read. HERE is the chapter-a-week feed for that other Lawrence tome by the name of "Lady Chatterley's Lover".

This was my first encounter with Google Books, which found the quote and would be the basis of the audio book reading were it not for the incomplete version therein found. Thus, Bibliomania becomes the source text.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the pages above linked.

["Women in Love" @ Wikipedia]

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Yoing :: a film poem

Title: Yoing
Year of Completion: 1994
Medium: 35mm
Length: 0:30
Produced by: Mikki LeMoine and Jan McLaughlin
Written & Directed by: Jan McLaughlin
Comments: Based on poem "Yoing" by Mikki LeMoine
Non-exclusive distribution by Poetry Film Workshop, San Francisco, CA.
  • 1995 Spring Season, WNYU-TV, New York, Poetry Spots
  • 1994 San Francisco Poetry Film/Video Festival
  • 1994 The Knitting Factory / Poetry Venue
  • 1995 DUTV, Philadelphia/Unquote Television, a U Network Program Exchange through The 90's Channel
  • 1995 Guild Complex 4th National Poetry Video Festival, Chicago Filmmakers
  • 1995 WTTW-TV, Chicago, Image Union