Vlog News :: Greenthing(s)

Renegade Rene's Greenthing Vlog / Mail Art Project captured my imagination.

From the beginning - having last summer beta-tested the USPS program whereby you can create your own postage stamps, now in public release - I knew that I simply had to have a USPS postage stamp to commemorate and be part of Project Greenthing.

It took three tries, but finally an image was accepted.

When No. 26 is forwarded to the next recipient / participant, the official Project Greenthing stamp will grace the envelope. Collector's item? Damn straight.

Send your snailmail address and No. 26 is YOURS.

If you don't know about Greenthings, why, the little movie above explains a bit.

As a wise videoblogger once said, "Videoblogging, yeah. Cool. Cool."



  1. Hi, Jan. I'd love the Green Thing #26 if it's still available. I have a great idea for it. However, I can't find your email address. You recently left a comment on my vlog, but i couldnt reply to it. Alas.

  2. Alas, Carl, check back later today for news of greenthing No. 26.

    Perhaps we can make a game of finding a greenthing for you.


    Let's begin deliciously.

    Go for it, Carl.


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