Greenthing No. 26 :: a Meditation on the Nature of Inspiration

One day not long ago Clark ov Saturn spoke about Beth Agnew's Laughter meditation and asked for laugh tracks. So, I checked out Beth's site and laughed. Then, laughed again on tape for Clark and Beth and myself and the world, and while packing Greenthing No. 26 for its road trip to Boston I laughed and looked forward to soon meeting a bunch of these folks in person.

The envelope containing Greenthing No. 26 has affixed to it two limited-edition, collectible USPS Greenthing Stamps. What shall I do with them?

The vlog-genre is in part about how we influence and inspire one another to MOVE.





  1. I like the Panavision Aspect Ratio!

  2. this looked fabulous, girl - great job!

  3. Hey, thanks. Wanted to make this into a Rhizome movie but it wouldn't work so QT pro 6.5 did the trick just putting the movies side-by-side.

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