Film = Sculpture = Architecture

Revisiting some motion pictures that were at one point or another diverted to VHS.

Thanks to Ms. Jen Simmons and an eyetv 250 Plus, I'm able to digitize and revisit that footage.

It has an interesting if dated quality.

This offers a director's commentary on three early motion pictures. Below links are to the original, unadulterated works:

"Yoing" - written by Mikki LeMoine

"Mommie's Coming Back" - written by Jan McLaughlin

"The Psychic Poets Show" - written by Jan McLaughlin

The first two were originally shot on 35mm black & white stock - the same stock that Spielberg's 1993 "Schindler's List" was shot on. Our production performed pre-Schindler Beta tests for Kodak.

The other - "Psychic Poets" - was shot to a Beta deck.

Have lost touch with a lot of these people.

No regrets.

Realize I've been fascinated by advertising for a very long time.

Formats available: Quicktime Flash, .m4v

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