Winter Re-Run :: The Welding: Bride's Song - I'll Cut You if You Cut and Run

As promised, some documentary footage from the alternative wedding I helped produce and direct with my now-welded-together-forever pals Carol and Steve.

The song -- "I'll Cut You if You Cut and Run" -- was written by Carol and me - the bride's lyrics to my music - and was played by Brooklyn's Hungry March Band the day following the blackout of August 2003.

What a beautiful nightmare it was.

More footage from "The Welding" perhaps forthcoming. This serves as part of the collection of sketch /trailer footage I've made toward producing "The World's Longest Open Love Letter" film.

Wish me luck.


When I boot up my phone it says, "Try Again," which are words captured from inside a bottle top by an artist whom I know by the name of H.D. I bought the print from her. Perhaps it's time to hang the art collection. Again.

"Try Again."

I'm just saying.

POST NOTE: Re-posting this because I can and need to see it again.



  1. I hve never seen a wedding that was anything like this in my life. (And I've been to some pretty alternative weddings.) How crazy! More stuff like this should be included in those wedding magazines so brides-to-be can imagine other possibilities...

  2. It was really quite extraordinary. And as with any theatrical endeavor, many people helped to make it happen.

    What a delight to create events like this....

    Allow me a sigh of contentment and giggle.

  3. Jan, I wish I lived in your world - so free and artistic! This was a great thing. I wish I were in attendance...

    Take care and come visit again, wherever we end up.

  4. Ah, but Mr. Weaver, my grass looks like greener things than your grass.

    Trust me, there are tradeoffs you might be unwilling to make.

  5. This really blew my mind. I'm not a fan of conventional marriage or weddings, so this was refreshing. Not my style, but I'm thrilled when people do something daring with an otherwise mundane situation and create their own version of a tradition.

  6. The point perhaps being to always do important things in your own style and sense of ritual. Well, even unimportant things. *smile

    Thanks for stopping by, Killer.

  7. wow. what a production. that is the most creative wedding i have seen.

  8. excellent! with pages like this, how can you not bring WLOLL to fruition??? it's ripening, like that single best perfect summer peach. and remember what Yoda says: "Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try" everything in its own time, don't lose faith. Now, back to this event---spectacular, and you had Hungry March there??? truly amazing. I really need to get out more...


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