Yoing :: a film poem

Title: Yoing
Year of Completion: 1994
Medium: 35mm
Length: 0:30
Produced by: Mikki LeMoine and Jan McLaughlin
Written & Directed by: Jan McLaughlin
Comments: Based on poem "Yoing" by Mikki LeMoine
Non-exclusive distribution by Poetry Film Workshop, San Francisco, CA.
  • 1995 Spring Season, WNYU-TV, New York, Poetry Spots
  • 1994 San Francisco Poetry Film/Video Festival
  • 1994 The Knitting Factory / Poetry Venue
  • 1995 DUTV, Philadelphia/Unquote Television, a U Network Program Exchange through The 90's Channel
  • 1995 Guild Complex 4th National Poetry Video Festival, Chicago Filmmakers
  • 1995 WTTW-TV, Chicago, Image Union

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