Faux Fine Art :: Poet at Work

A faux tour through the faux art gallery.

Faux you.

Made all the sound you hear and all but the last two images that are by Florida artist Demi.

Demi taught me about honesty.

I find voice.


  1. I get so much sustenance from here. And such beautiful singing. I have Wallflower on my iPod.

  2. watching this while eating lunch. excellent. i have a friend that i do back and forth with, we have a saying: "The world is our workshop, and the world is our gallery." all space/no space is simultaneously sacred and profane, open to intervention alteration interpretaion, media and methods all equally valid, and everything is connected. make stuff, then make stuff about making stuff, then make stuff from the stuff you made. oooh yeah. putting it out there for the sheer joy of it. what better reason? most recent tshirt creation: "if not for love or fun, then why?" encouraging to know we're not alone in the universe...


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