Next Audio Book :: "Women in Love" by D.H. Lawrence

Choose this work because a particular passage from "Women in Love" is quoted in the film "A Few Days in September" at about 1 hour 20 minutes into the film. The passage struck me as I'd not been struck when I read the text work a few years ago. John Turturro plays an amazing role in the film available free for Netflix subscribers with PC's and Internet Explorer through Netflix' watch now feature.

I shall read it only with the MacBook's internal mic so that it will proceed more quickly than the last D. H. Lawrence book read. HERE is the chapter-a-week feed for that other Lawrence tome by the name of "Lady Chatterley's Lover".

This was my first encounter with Google Books, which found the quote and would be the basis of the audio book reading were it not for the incomplete version therein found. Thus, Bibliomania becomes the source text.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the pages above linked.

["Women in Love" @ Wikipedia]

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