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Using Mogulus for 24 Hours 24 Artists

Mr. Verdi's always up to something. At the moment, that something is a 24-hour live webcast of a prairie-worth of artists getting their shine on. If you're interested in live web broadcast, Mogulus is one good way to go.

Have been digging Mogulus for a while
, and here's why:

  • Live broadcast that records it for later playback
  • Pre-recirded videos in folders for playback in the order you want
  • Easy-to-deploy graphics
  • Easy-to-deploy clickable crawling links fed by RSS feed post titles
  • Create a 'storyboard' collection of videos, and set it to auto-play loop until you return for another live event, or choose storyboarded videos on the fly, live
  • It's free
  • Internal video YouTube video 'search' w/drag n' drop to storyboards
Mogulus Downsides:
  • Internal video YouTube video 'search' w/drag n' drop to storyboards, but YouTube's the only external video game in town
  • It's free so ads show up, but there are paid models [Mogulus Pro Channel] @ a minimum of $350/month
Mogulus comes up on the radar just now because two of my friends -- one, an artister & teacher; the other, a film producer & writer -- each with different requirements, but both wanting to intersect with more than one individual in audio, video, text and stills.

For MB, the artist, Verdi's model is just the thing. This is the multi-artist project MB's got in mind.

Ged on the other hand, today finishes draft #1 of a screenplay he plans to share with four trusted industry friends and his wife, for a total of six individuals who could benefit from private access to each others' text and video feedback.

Ged will give them a little time to respond, whereupon he'll make adjustments and release the screenplay to a wider group.

It's at this point, the process could open up to a public blog, Google Docs, Mogulus and Seesmic. MB should be open from the very beginning; Ged may wish to wait until he's ready.

For sure, both could benefit from a WordPress video-friendly blog in which to embed the Mogulus player and to which they should add the Seesmic Video Comment Plug-in.

Why Seesmic plug-in?
  • Because you may not only embed entire ongoing conversations in a blog page, but;
  • You can comment in video, which gives expressions of critical thinking the emotional context text fails nearly every time to deliver
  • Here's an example of just such a video comment in the page; this is the (hopefully) ongoing 'conversation' embedded here:

Pitching Seesmic to a Screenwriter
Anyone can join the conversation, all you need is a Seesmic account. Or, you may make your video private.

Why a blog?

Because it creates a time-based record of the process, and subscribers (Google Reader may be the best aggregator for this) automatically receive:
  • updated versions of the script via .pdf
  • still and video images
  • videos of iChat / Skype conferences
  • text news

You'll also need to play hard in the Flickr, Facebook and Twitter sandboxes as well.

Using digital media to develop, make and market a film or art event requires a lot, but it's not rocket science, it simply requires a great deal of thoughtful time.

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