VlogEurope 2007 :: Boring Parts

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POST NOTE: Technical tip :: notice how some of the initial shots begin in soft focus. This is a technique I experimented with for the first time on this Sunday morning shoot day to fool the camera into doing a focus pull thusly:

Begin rolling with your hand or lens cover in place. Remove hand or lens cover. As the camera finds its 'focus', it renders on the fly an in-camera focus pull that works well for some shots.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


  1. :)

    That post made me very happy. Beautiful Jan. And not borring at all.

    I guess you failed. :)

    Or maybe that's the point of doing something boring. Brian Eno is brilliant!

    Great videos from vlog europe.

  2. The 'boring' parts are always the very best.

  3. Oh, sweet failure. Sweet imperfection.


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