Hello from the Sound Department via Vimeo

Hello from the Sound Department from Jan McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Shozu auto-crossposts cellphone-created videos to Vimeo for me. Very nice-looking, and a different kind of community than the YouTube, to which Shozu also automatically uploads cellphone videos on my behalf.

The downside? Tougher to keep track of overall hits. I don't personally care that much, but marketers and advertisers do. My guess is that in social media terms, responses count more than hits.

I like what Hugh McLeod has to say about social objects.

What are the social objects of a film-in-progress? What are "City Island" social objects? Perhaps audio, video & stills form a part of those objects.

I would love to get Jeff Pulver to do some stories about "City Island" blogging efforts.

My guess is there are 'concerns' among the beautiful intensity.

Of course there are. It's the bleeding edge of the digital now.

A Pulver breakfast @ "City Island" could rock for everyone.

Insert brief PRAYER.


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