Pixelodeon :: June 9 - 10 :: American Film Institute, LA

Oh, my, goodness.

Have been so busy with the launch and creation of Wburg.TV that I wholly missed the development of this film festival by folks about whom I care.




Just perused the web site. Here's something of what it's about:

On June 9-10 in Los Angeles, California at the American Film Institute (AFI), we will have three theaters screening videos on movie-theater sized screens. Two of the theaters will screen videos selected by curators according to a theme they have selected. The third theater is the Community Theater, which is curated by you (yes, YOU) on our wiki.

Sounds amazing.

Live in LA? Visiting LA June 9-10? Check it out.

Keeping the vloggersation going.

Wishing y'all the best and that I could be there with you.

This, THIS is the kinda thing that is the viable alternative to competition.

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