Vlogging City Island w/Raymond De Felitta :: My Bum

Cleansing the film maker palate with instant media.

Make & distribute short films while working 18 hours a day as captain of a ship.

It can be done.

Nokia N-series phone.

Get some product placement from Nokia, yo :)

Seesmic. Web-cam-based conversations. Depak Chopra posts here. It's good. Find somebody with a MacBook Pro and say it. Add a title and bingo, Seesmic auto-posts a notice w/ link to Twitter.

Qik. Stream live video from your Nokia phone.

Flickr. The "City Island" group @ Flickr.

Facebook. "City Island" fan page. 80 fans so far and climbing. Cool.

IMDB. Some conversations going on over there.

Shozu. A small cellphone application that allows you to title, tag and add blog text to stills and videos. Auto cross-uploads to any number of sites, including YouTube, Blip, Flickr, Vimeo, Veoh, and any email address. All bypassing cellphone email size limits. That said,you should definitely have an unlimited data plan if you get serious about working this way.

Twitter. Any blog post here is automatically posted to Twitter with a link to the original blog page. I can also make posts directly to Twitter with a text message to my phone.

Utterz. Dial a phone number (speed dial), press '2', speak, press '#', hang up. Utterz auto-posts to any number of sites you tell it to. No password entering BS; Utters remembers you & your phone. From Utterz --> Blog --> Twitter --> RSS feed --> Subscribers.

Blip.TV. Free sound & video host with auto-crossposting for non-cellphone video. It also transcodes video from either Windows or Quicktime into high-quality flash. Created your own, branded show player. Blip talks to Blogger, YouTube, the Internet Archive, among others.

Blogger. Free. In perpetuity.

All these online applications talk to one another on your behalf.

At any given time, when you find a moment of note, you can communicate with your friends, family & audience.

All without breaking stride, really.


My Bum. Sorta.

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross

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