I Suck @ Sound Generosity :: Really?

This guy writes this post about me over at the pro sound newsgroup:

I can't tell you how many sound mixers basically, ignored me, even to
this day... It didn't stop me, I just never had a real apprenticeship
and ended up just buying the gear, and jumping in.. mistakes and all.

I'll show you a wounderfull example of this "shun" in action by a lot of
the sound mixers out there.

Go over to, Jan McLaughlin's website..

Introduce yourself as a follower of the blog, you'll get a nice email
back, ect... Then tell her your an aspiring sound mixer! BAM! That
will be the last contact you have... A real shame.


He must be thinking of some other 'Jan McLaughlin' else he's as much of a jerk in his opening email communications with me as he is above.

Help me out here, people; I've helped a LOT of you with sound advice.

Speak up in the comments please.

How do YOU get and keep the attention of possible mentors?

I got my first sound mentor by giving him and his sound team 4 months of 75-hour weeks for nothing but cappucinos; in all that time the mixer didn't speak to me at all until my last day.

POST NOTE: Of course, it appears comments for THIS POST are borked. Just when I really need / want 'em. Murphy's law.

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross


  1. Let me weigh in here...Fauxpress public, take note: I'm a nobody wannabe sound artist (among other things). I have interest, no skills to speak of and no money. So a couple of years ago I'm reading a Fauxpress entry that referenced something i was trying to do, and i figured what the heck, so i contacted Jan. And she was gracious and generous with her help, immediately. and checked in, AND has been continuously supportive and helpful on whatever projects i've done since then. always responsive and always helpful. up to and including a week or so ago, when i called her from a site where we were trying to mic a space to record some serious ambient music, where she proceeded to troubleshoot and advise us for 45 minutes over the phone. which i might add led to some fair degree of success. and to make a point, she has also offered assistance and direction all along the line for the past couple of years via email, telephonica, audio and video chat. i had occasion to travel to BRKNY early this spring, where i was a) lucky enough to meet Jan in person (quite delightful) and b) graciously invited as her guest to a cast and crew screening of a movie she had worked on that was in post-production-where she introduced me to bunches of fine and super talented people. me, a nobody. so i can only assume bill is referencing the wrong person. from my experience, she has been nothing less than a highly skilled and capable, generous mentor and advisor and has become a really good friend in addition. i can say without a doubt she believes in sharing knowledge, skills, information and tools without hesitation and no holding back of her wealth of experience. and i am grateful. i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one. if any of you have had the same experience, speak out and rise up. don't let the bill's of the world get away with making such comments unchallenged.

  2. Thank you, M.B. Knew I could count on you for your support. :)

  3. Jan is nothing but a kind, generous and highly skilled sound mixer. If you felt shunned, I think maybe you're over thinking actions from someone who is extremely busy and has a LOT of irons in the fire to tend to. Try not to take someones non-correspondence as a personal beef. If you progress further into this industry, you will find that it gets increasingly harder to keep up with life off set. A book I highly recommend to cope is called 'The Four Agreements'. Give it a read through or three and then re-evaluate your original post. Happy Days.

  4. I posted on RAMPS as well, but I'll say it here too. I'd be half the sound guy without your guidance. He's got a chip on his shoulder, hopefully some honesty from his peers with help him realize that. Don't even think about changing the way you are because of some schmuck like this. As I said, I am ever indebted to you, and always have your back!

  5. .....that was me, Phil Rosati, who posted that last post....not sure why the name says production sound...but pretty sure it's something I did wrong...but just to clarify, that was me.

  6. Pouth! Phil! XOXOX Thanks, my brothers.

    Agreed re: "The Four Agreements". Life-changing stuff.

    Here's a link to the newsgroup convo where even Mathew Price chimes in:



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