Nokia N96 Test :: Ongoing :: Light :: Flares :: Shadow

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The media uploaded here is the raw footage, downloaded from the hereafter mentioned Ovi site, for comparison's sake.


The following is Ovi's flash compression of the same file:

The N96 is not bad at all capturing shafts of light, flares & shadow.

This video was uploaded to Nokia's Ovi sills and video sharing host. This is Ovi's html code for the media file that links to the video hosted @ Ovi's site:

12/21/2008 - Share on Ovi

Fair warning: Don't try to post to your blog directly from Ovi using an email address, because all the email addresses appear in the resultant post, including what should be your very private post-to-blog email addy. Oops.

An Ovi downside is that only the owner of the media posted has the option to download it in its mp4 format, and then, only with a script rather than the preferable direct URL. Perhaps there's a setting to permit any / all / or some to download, but it's not immediately apparent. Neither is the media's license immediately apparent. No copyright or creative commons license option at all as far as I can see. Probably buried in the terms of service. Not good enough.

Ovi should check out Blip.TV for best practices in IP regard.

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