Ezra Miller :: Clown

Ezra Miller :: Clown
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"City Island" Flickr group page. I wish my colleagues would come out of the closet and play with us there.

Rebecca? Where's that darned portrait of me n' Raymond in our robes? Get that shite up, yo!

Copped this image from Raymond De Felitta's blog to upload here so show them (in part) how a City Island Flickr account could benefit them.

Photo by Cecelia B (I think). Her Mum and Da are so proud.

Folks will be able to easily blog this image if they wish.

Easily touched and shared.

Come play with us over @ Flickr.

POST NOTE: Here's a link to someone who knows Cecelia B: CLICK ME!.

[Social Object Lesson]

I don't know the copyright status of the enclosed, pilfered image. Were the image hosted @ Flickr, that would be obvious. I lean toward setting these things free to the blogosphere.

Lovely portrait, no?

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