Musical Interlude :: The Weather Outside is Frightful

Re: The weather outside is frightful...
Embedded from 'old Seesmic'.

Re: The weather outside is frightful...
Embedded from 'new Seesmic'.

I love that this ongoing video conversation can be ported elsewhere -- anywhere -- on the web, and more, that anyone can join in.

Any time.

You dig?

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross


  1. What a briljant vid. Love the "Happy Easter" bit makes it go from lovely to briljant.

    Every time I visit your website, read your tweets, look at your video snippets my hart gets this warm and happy feeling.

    Hope all is well and wishing you the world for 2010

  2. Right back at you, Erik.

    Delightful to hear from you.

    Wishing you every good thing for next year and always.

  3. Hey Jan

    Did I notice that you have an exterior shutter that is closed over the window? How very old fashioned. Could you feature that in a video? I could use it in my historic window preservation work.

    have some holiday cheer.

    John Leeke

  4. Hi, John,

    Alas, what you glanced is an exterior next-door house.

    Do find the window design (generally) unusual and special for that reason, but no, no exterior shutters on the windows here. A few of the downstairs doors are shuttered though.

    Here's wishing you a Merry Happy.


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