Make Media Any Time, Any Where w/Seesmic as tool

Posted earlier the beginning of a conversation about my process of being part of "City Island" with Seesmic as conversational film making tool.

It's been a while since I played @ Seesmic, but their player - to which one may reply in video without ever leaving my page - brilliant - has grown up. Come of age.

All you need is a webcam, Camtwist, and a Seesmic account.

Everybody on set's got one.

Most sets have wi-fi.

Show folks what's what in 3 minutes or less.

It's really fucking easy.

We're all film makers, damnit. Superior technicians.

Why wouldn't we make media?

The question is: can we do it right? Will production trust us with the responsibility? Will something beautiful be made of it one day? What will the unions make of this? Are we not all bloggers / videobloggers / still photographers / prop masters / film makers?

Cheap tools & technology, baby.

Should we not reap benefits from this expanded endeavor all the way around?


Think high-tech, lo-fi.

Think ubiquitous.

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