Faux Press Bumper :: Tattoo Test :: Quicktime Skins / Masking

Testing Tattoo.

Click on the heart to see one of the things Tattoo does.

From the website:


* Easy-to-use
Simply drag and drop your prepared movie and skin image files on to Tattoo, Tattoo will then create a movie that can be played by QuickTime Player on your skin image frame

* Control Buttons
Add custom control buttons easily: Play, Stop, Go to Beginning, Go to End, Step Forward, Step Backward, Mute, Half Volume, Full Volume, Close Window, Go to URL

* Universal Play-back
Movies exported from Tattoo can be played back on various platforms, including Mac OS X, Mac OS 8/9, and Windows (QuickTime 5 or later is needed)

* Uniqueness
Give unique experience to your audience.



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