Re-vlog :: Laurie Anderson :: The Lost Art of Conversation

Golly neds - haven't bought any Laurie Anderson music in a while but this video from Anderson's site inspired me to get this tune, "The Lost Art of Conversation".

Appears Lou Reed.

Love it when the truth hurts; Anderson always speaks truth.

Couldn't find any links to buy the tune she sings in the video. Shucks. Perhaps a one-off, or from her forthcoming '08 album, "Homeland".


Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross


  1. Wow...that's good. Viva Laurie. An amazing artist.

    I photographed her a long time ago but stupidly lost the negs. She was very friendly.

  2. todo muy lindo, pero quiero ver la fotito de lou y laurie y esta bloqueada. malaonda


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