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K. Pravda writes about "35":

We should remember that “35″ is a good show not thanks to Tricaster - but thanks to great actors and intriguing script.

We should also remember that good shows are made 'good' because of hosts of technicians who work their butts off behind the lens.

When the technicians have done their job well, what they've done is transparent, so folks tend to forget they exist. Same with the technologies that support them.

The front-of-the-lens and above-the-line folks who step on stages to accept awards all know this; and those with class always recognize the crew, who - when they work - give up everything but the job in order to make the project the best it can technically be.

It's possible to create technically good material with fewer technicians in video produced for the web, but those technicians had better have their acts totally together. That's for sure. Especially with ambitious scripts like "35".

The technicians of tomorrow will wear more than one hat at a time, and should be compensated accordingly.

My hope - as we invent best practices for this new means of creation and delivery - is that technicians and technology will find a place of honor and respect in the lean, mean new media machine, both fiscally and otherwise.

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