Videobloggers :: at the Cutting Edge of Advertising

I swear to Dog that videobloggers hold the future of advertising in their heads, hearts & hands.

MSM will find in what we do all the ideas they need to transform advertising into a thing that works without insulting or dumbing down its audience in the process.

Because I don't want to bore those of you who may not be interested in this more esoteric collection of the best thinking on the subject, I've started a new multi-media blog / vlog over HERE. Mostly collections and references to others' work I find smart and compelling.

"People say" there's not enough content out there for advertisers to gloam onto. Beggin' to differ, but I say there are not enough good corporations / products for new media creators to support with ads.

Naw. That's not exactly true. I believe in YOU. And YOU. And YOU.


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