It's the End of YouTube, For Sure

It's the end of YouTube, I tell you. And all the rest who find it fun to be or play with the 'Big Boys.' Yeah. It's all fun and games until the Big Boy hits you over the head with a baseball bat and walks away with your muse, your very-popular significant other: pop culture.

Big Boys are ruthless that way.

I too have noticed a plethora of videos removed for TOS violations, not least of which a Hillary Clinton presidential announcement video scraped from CNN.

This is most certainly NOT the end of user-created, user-mediated media. Not by a longshot.

With copyright-based systems springing up all over, it will become increasingly more challenging for content creators and their audiences to create and find interesting works, but we shan't allow video culture to die just because we can't legally partake of popular culture.


My advice? Don't be a pussy; take a few more steps back from the popular center of the walled garden.

  • Live, consume and create from the edges
  • Support those Big Boys who open the gate to the IP garden with your dollars, eyeballs, links, and content
  • Spend lots of time listening to Creative Commons-licensed music
These things will require more of you.

Pay more.



  1. pay more, yup. also, DO more. we all need to make it up, and take it back. it will require more of me? no problem, it'll be worth it. great post, good advice.

  2. Thanks, Mark, for reminding me to DO MORE, too.



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