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Re-vlogging Michael Krasny's interview with Judith Levine, author of Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping.

I like promises and work with them a lot. As a person-with-depression I tend not to keep promises when in the middle of a dark time, and making promises helps me discover strategies with which to overcome that propensity.

Judith Levine made a promise not to shop for a year; this book is the result.

My consumer-related promise is simple, too: I can buy anything I like so long it is a creative tool.

My diet plan: I can eat any calorie-busting thing I like so long as I cook it - a device that also served as inspiration to cook better for myself.

Both commitments serve me well.

Began in 1995 to live a modified ascetic life. Still do.

This relates to Faux Press' current motto: "Pay More". But I'm not sure exactly how it relates.

Any ideas?

[Source: Michael Krasney's Forum on KQED]


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  1. i'm not exactly sure either. but pay more (do more) and a living modified or othewise ascetic life has a very large component of CONSCIOUS choice in it, and that's what i think the relation is. not doing things be default or running on auto all the time. conscious choice requires one to take responsibility for their choices (and their life), which is a good thing i think...thanks for the link to the podcast.


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