Testing Pinger

Hi Blip,

I just sent you a voice message using Pinger, a mobile phone service that lets me send voice messages directly to someone's mobile phone. If you sign up, you can receive these messages (and send your own!) using your mobile.

Click the LISTEN button below to hear my message on your computer (you might want to check your speaker volume first). If you want to forward it, use the FORWARD button in your Pinger inbox.

fromnotesdatedurJan McLaughlina test post to http://Blip.tv5:13am Feb-021:12s

If you don't see the LISTEN button, paste the link below into your internet web browser.



Already a member, but didn?t get the text notification on your phone for this message? This may have been sent to an email address not yet registered with Pinger. Click merge to find out more about adding this email address to your primary Pinger account.

This Pinger message was sent to you by Jan McLaughlin. To get off Jan's contact list, please contact Jan directly by clicking here: jannie.jan@gmail.com.

97 South 2nd Street, Suite 210
San Jose, CA 95113

POST NOTE: Testing Pinger again following notice of an upgrade. It appears that the only thing that posts to Blip via email direct from http://pinger.com is the png graphic file. No media is enclosed.

I've downloaded from Pinger and uploaded to Blip the well-compressed wav file for your listening enjoyment, but will leave the above message from Pinger intact for cross-posting to the Blogger blog.

Then I shall send Pinger links to both pages to see what they might do to improve the media sharing experience.

I like that I can record both from browser (flash) and the phone. I like that contacts are easily imported. Their message (above) is a tad long-winded.

The more ways in which one can upload and share audio and video works, the better. Failsafes. Backups. Options.


Download the wav file HERE.



  1. Good software but having a had time downloading it

  2. As well you should have trouble - there's no software - it's a browser-based interface. :) You access via browser using a microphone and your computer, or via cell phone - a phone number and voice access to your address list. Good luck!

  3. Hi FauxPress,

    We just made yet another update to Pinger. Everything (from signup, to sending a message to a mobile phone, to the mobile or email alert) have been improved - thanks to feedback like yours!

    Remember that Pinger is like text messaging for your voice. You use it when you're on the go to send voice messages to one or many people by just talking.

    Please give it another try, and let us know what you think!




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