Revlog :: The Carol and Steve Show - Episode #32

Photo (cc 2.0) by Steve Garfield

This revlog of The Carol and Steve Show Episode #32 is a pleasant walk down memory lane, inspired by revisiting the Vlog Press Kit, a site I "maintain" mostly by virtue of an automated collection of dynamically updated sidebar links to press coverage of vlog-issues. (Here's a post in which I explain how to do this.)

Revisited the Press Kit because I intended to test the Blogger Beta to Alpha upgrade. Upgrade angst. Yeah. If you've ever done it you'll understand the gastric uproar that accompanies the act of pressing the 'Save Template Changes' button. The Vlog Press Kit is my least-visited site, so it made perfect sense. Still, I worried that upgrading one would upgrade all. Thank God that is not the case.

A podcast that addresses this darned-near-seamless, simple Blogger upgrade process will follow later today or tomorrow. Blogger evidently did it right. And I'm loving the new, more-streamlined look.

Memory lane has only two steps:
Do you forgive me for being a little proud of being the first human being ever to pay for a vlog ad?

Folks who know me well are not shy to characterize me first and foremost as a pioneer.


A role increasingly less easy to play in an ever-more-crowded world.

Still, it can be done.

Again, playing with money.

Art and Commerce.

Money-as-canvas is often as not a nerve-wracking business.

Difficult to document, but not impossible.

Money-as-canvas is ephemeral and elusive.

The more potential levels of understanding of a work of art, the better. I liken my particular flavor of art to 3-D chess.

Hubris? Arrogance?


But also extreme humility.

"Pay more."


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