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Blogger's out of Beta (take their tour HERE).

Held my breath hitting the "save template changes" button - as usual - but this time I first tested the upgrade on one of my lesser-known sites.

File under "Live and Learn". The upgrade worked seamlessly. I love how easy it is to edit sidebar elements. I love 'Categories' - helps me to think / write. Love the new 'Posting' page layout, and how saving posts and template changes is smoothed.

I don't find the new Dashboard easy to read. Needs UI help. But that could be because I've a lot of blogs.

Also with this post testing Delicious's new "playtagger" javascript. It's supposed to find audio enclosures in a post, and generate a flashplayer and bit of hyperlinked text that will take you to a player or the downloadable file. Tried it in WordPress at Evilvlog but WordPress striped the javascript. Let's see what happens in Blogger.

Download the mp3 HERE.


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