Podcast of a Faux Journalist: Art & Commerce with Steve Garfield

Art, commerce, movies, media, advertising.

In classic style, Steve Garfield and I agree to "do lunch," kiss one another's bums 'cause we think we're respectively wonderful, talk about me buying a Faux Press ad on The Carol & Steve Show, ruminate on how vlogging might intersect with the film business, imagining Steve and other vloggers doing behind-the-scenes vlogs for films.



  1. I found this interesting and enjoyed it very much. For me there is a special difference from other podcasts that I have listend to - a result of videoblogging. For one thing I have been in live audio and video converations with both of you and so not only are these familiar voices, but in your case particularly, I know what it is like to be having a one-to-one conversation with you (delightful seems like a terribly inadequate word right now). So that makes listening to Steve a very interesting experience as I have "been in those shoes" to some degree; knowing that any question can be asked or answered...

  2. Yes, indeed, Markus.

    The human voice - we listen and become attached. The ear is a more powerful if less conscious connection to the primative brain.

    I love becoming attached to the voices of people who share my view of the world as a place of mutual support & sharing.


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