Collected Audioworks :: The Search for an Audio Aggregation Machine, Continued...

free player from mysplayer.com

Still in search of the best way to aggregate the Faux Press' audioworks.

Let's see how this one operates.

It's touted as a free player for MySpace - yes, I've now got a MySpace page. Sigh. But the msplayer doesn't work there. Let's see if it works here.

Another downside is you have to enter each mp3 url and title by hand. And, it looks like the number of entries is limited. mp3's are the only format accepted.

Guess this is not the player for me, even though I like the various skins. Shucks.

Wish I could run my feeds through a program that would suck out all the audio ever produced, and let me choose and order the entries. So far, FeedCycle comes closest. You can enter a feed and Feedcycle will scrape it to capture media enclosures. You still have to go to your account page & clean up text formatting (including links), but that's infinitely less taxing than hand-entering all the information.

Feedcycle even picked up the PDF file of one of Hugh McLeod's cartoons sent through this site (Blip with thumbnail flipper code --> Blogger).

The capacity to send image files via RSS in the form of PDF's is critical for media producers, even if media producers don't fully understand their importance yet.

The order of media elements is easily changed with FeedCycle's sweet drag-and-drop interface.

While it picks up Flickr photo posts, it does not include the actual photo in their page. Alas. Don't yet know whether - having edited the photo page at FeedCycle - the photo post will arrive in my inbox.

Looks like their feed scraping engine missed an enclosure HERE, perhaps because I used a flash file along with a direct link to the .mov enclosure. They've gotta have a means to pull out the RSS-capable media from the flash stuff. iTunes and FireANT do. Mefeedia does.

Why-oh-why don't flash and PDF files travel down RSS pipes to aggregators???

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