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Did I mention Click.tv?

Yeah. I've mentioned 'em before.

Lanza's the guy.

The workflow has inspired me to collect the filmworks from "The World's Longest Open Love Letter", run 'em through Blip.tv and Click.tv and here @ the Blogger site. This will hopefully help to find the voiceovers in the text and timing of it. Notes.

Perhaps this is a way in which ad-hoc directors among you might be able to field questions for the interview footage that needs to be recorded to stitch the aggregated performance pieces into a cohesive filmwork. A documentary. An art documentary. The next major project that fills the days.

Wonder how this Click.tv flash interface will translate over at Mefeedia. Hmmm. If it translates, I can collect the films over there. In a Mefeedia Collection.

From the pespective of the documentary-as-healing and giving-backness.

Who wants to play?

Find I cannot ask myself the right questions.

Will you help me find the right questions?

Pretty please.

Don't make me beg.

POST NOTE: Contacted Mike Lanza about the fact that there's a problem with something or other over at Click. He says they're on it.

12/15 - 7:17 p.m. EST: Lanza sent me some new code a couple times. We're working on it.



  1. What, Huh!?

    I like the clicktv tech. But the problem is it requires every video to be transcoded into a flash format. That's a crazy amount of work. Youtube might be more able to impliment it.

    Time based comments and video quoting are definitely something we've talked about though.

  2. I never experienced the flash transcode as a problem 'cause I'm a Blip.tv user and it automatically does that on my behalf. Nor did I find it a crazy amount of work. You just have to copy and paste the Blip-generated flash URL in Click and Click sucks it into its system. Eh, voila!

    The time-based stuff is really important for distributed production. I would think Click could be used to tag footage, too. Click's comments would have to be made searchable.

    I think we should get Mike Lanza into Video Virtigo if he's not already involved.

    Google video's got a time-based comment thingee going.


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