Taser Her When She's Down: Pittsburgh, My Home Town

From Michael Moore's website an astonishing little video. Makes me weep.


8/25/05 - Followup articles in the comments section and HERE.



  1. Shocking.

    I too hail from Pgh.

  2. I think they're getting frightened. Really frightened. That makes it dangerous.

  3. I don't think the fat policeman is frightened, he's just a fucking sadist on a powertrip. She was no threat, obviously, he did it because he could. Who shot this footage? What was his badge number and name?

    I was peppersprayed in the eyes at a Bush protest in Portland a few years ago. This was after being beaten in the arm repeatedly with a billy-club. It's a wonder they didn't taser me, being the 240#, 6'2" angry white male that I was.

    The tasering in this video is abusive, uneeded and should result in punitive action by the PPD. Any follow-up?

  4. ha - we both linked to the same video yesterday.

    its so disturbing, everyone should pass it around.

  5. interesting how we always see extreme bad parts of videos

  6. shit ... that sucked ... reminds me of bukowski "I don't hate cops, I just seem to feel better when they're not around"


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