Faux Press / Fairytale Division :: The World's Longest Love Letter

Before Valentine's Day 2000, this project was titled "The World's Longest Love Letter".

In the course of "publishing" the Love Letter, many works of art were installed in the streets. Documenting their subsequent decline, I learned the advantage of embracing how nature (including human nature) changes things, and furthermore, to embrace how others' needs and desires change my own.

In a kind of fairytale moment, this excerpt from "The Faux Parade" reveals how the project came to be known as "The World's Longest Open Love Letter".




  1. I thought I heard a girl saying "Vill du ha lite att dricka?" (Do you want something to drink) right after the guy asks "Would you like to join our parade?" in the beginning.
    Am I delusional? :)

  2. No, you're totally not hearing things, Anders. The old neighborhood is rife with Polish-speakers, would that be the language you hear? Always wondered what that crystal clear feminine voice was saying.

  3. I love watching you interact with random strangers, Jan. You do it with such ease and grace. I envy that. That's "active" vlogging, for sure. In fact, I think that's active living!

  4. [blushing] Thanks, Tim. Not ironically, one of the meditations during that particular project was "grace".

    As for "active vlogging," the project was inspired by a documentary I worked on in which we interviewed Judith Malina, co-founder of the Living Theater. Found the idea of "life as theater" compelling enough to let it take over my life for the better part of a year.

    That experience changed everything.

  5. this is definately those interesting parade I've ever seen ... and I think the people you encounter on your route seem to feel the same way


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