Mixing: Report from the Front Lines of Indie Filmmaking

Just got the often-dreaded call from post-production.

All is well; they are happy not only with the tracks but with the technicalities that support them.

No problems.



The moment: my head is on the career guillotine, and I realize that the pardon I've sought with diligence to receive has been granted. So many things could go wrong. So many bare toes upon which to potentially step.



Saved for another day.


Vlog of a Faux Journalist: :: USPS Garfield NJ

Click the image to see the very quaint Garfield Post Office & meet Barbara, who's developed an instinct for spotting suspect packages.

Barbara mentions 'Joe', with whom the Faux Press conducted an earlier interview.

There was a time in my early writing career when going to the post office meant sending submissions to poetry magazines. The anticipation, excitement, & fear were all part of the experience. When the plexiglass & cameras appeared, visiting the USPS lost its charm. Thankfully I no longer have to hawk my works over the transom and my neighborhood PO harkens back to the days when not everyone was treated as a potential criminal. Thank goodness.

The music is military code for "mail call".

POST NOTE 10/07 - the Garfield PO is no longer in operation.


War on Journalism

An update on the war on journalism via the Supreme Court.


Supreme Court Decision on Eminent Domain

"Promoting economic development is a traditional and long accepted function of government. Clearly, there is no basis for exempting economic development from our traditionally broad understanding of public purpose." - Justice John Paul Stevens, affirming

The message: Don't buy land for personal use that could one day become valuable to industry or government tax base. No property is exempt from this possibility. Ooooh.

Pfizer is now free to build a $350M research center in the formerly "distressed" Fort Trumbull neighborhood of New London, CT.

"Under the banner of economic development, all private property is now vulnerable to being taken and transferred to another private owner, so long as it might be upgraded....The government now has license to transfer property from those with fewer resources to those with more. The founders cannot have intended this perverse result" - Sandra Day O'Connor, dissenting

Just sayin'.


Faux Press Vlog: practice, practice, practice

Our community debates content and audience. Based on response I should be producing cooking and singing videoblogs. Perhaps I should be the world's first singing chef. Hmmm.

Why not?

Probably because I dislike cooking, which is why I made cooking videos in the first place, to learn to love cooking again.

Have covered this Liz Phair song since it was released on her album "Whip Smart" in 1996. Every song in my repertoire is there because it reminds me to remember something or other; this song, to remember that practice doesn't always make perfect.

Read Gapingvoid.com

Read Gapingvoid damnit.

If you don't feel like reading it, listen to Nicole Simon's interview with the man himself, HERE.


Faux Press Vlog :: A Story of Two Bridges

Change. Change can fuck you up if you're not careful. This is served as a brief reminder of how we go on.

For my brother.

Click the image to see a short story of two bridges.


Urban Art Adventures Audio Books

Have been recording D.H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterly's Lover" as an audio book these last weeks for podcast. Thanks to Lucas Gonze, found this cool little embedded player creation device from webjay.org.

The tool allows you to cue up an intro or promo, and as many as 99 mp3 files, and a discreet outro for visitors to play - embedded in your site.

Don't know what the inclusion of this wee bit of code is going to do to this site's feed, but, here goes nuthin'.

POST NOTE: Yahoo! bought 'em out and closed 'em down. Gone.


Faux Press Vlog: Global Singing / Neighbors

My neighbor, Jackie, sings. Loud. Without shame. I hear her through the thin walls. Mostly in the mornings.

"You're crazy, Jan," says Jackie.

She's right.

Jackie sings always of love.

I love living in Latino neighborhoods, have done since 1/1/1995; there's musica todos los dios. Todos los dios. Cantar me.


Faux Press Vlog :: Yawn as Dance :: Vlog Banal

Made you do it. Made you dance. Insert silly grin.

"Olympic Fanfare" by the Canadian Scottish Regiment.

Faux Press Vlog: Singing Makes Happiness

Singing makes me happy.

Bob Dylan wrote the original tune. You can download Dave Easton's version of it (along with 29 other mp3 files) for free at emusic by clicking this link and sharing (bleh) your credit card info, yo.


Faux Press Vlog: Collaboration

The Celery Interviews with Adam Quirk.

Have been trying to put these two videos together since I first joined the vlogging community. Thanks to Adrian Miles for writing the program / system called Rhizome that allowed it to happen.

Click on the image to view the video.


Vlog of a Faux Journalist :: Work Hard :: PSA

Work hard; use the proper tools. A public service announcement from the Faux Press.

Missed y'all! More later to be sure.


Away / Back

Was away for a week that turned into more than a week. While I'm now back, it will take a few days to catch up - a process I'm really looking forward to. Was able to download email but not enough time to participate or download videos until last night. Missed everyone deeply. Lots has happened with lots of us.