Faux Press Vlog: practice, practice, practice

Our community debates content and audience. Based on response I should be producing cooking and singing videoblogs. Perhaps I should be the world's first singing chef. Hmmm.

Why not?

Probably because I dislike cooking, which is why I made cooking videos in the first place, to learn to love cooking again.

Have covered this Liz Phair song since it was released on her album "Whip Smart" in 1996. Every song in my repertoire is there because it reminds me to remember something or other; this song, to remember that practice doesn't always make perfect.


  1. Best rendition of chopsticks I ever saw/heard! We enjoy you so much.

  2. That was awesome, thank you!

  3. Very nice. I loved the song and you have a great voice! I am not too familiar with Liz Phair, so this was a good introduction. So now I am curious - did you ever learn to love cooking again? I sense a good story in here somewhere. (Sorry if I just haven't gotten to that story on your vlog so far.)

  4. I love your singing posts. That was so nice. More please!

    I am definitely subscribing to your feed right......now!

  5. Hot damn Jan!
    You sing like a bird.
    Jam session at vloggercue is going to be the feel-good smash hit of the summer!


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