Vlog of a Faux Journalist: :: USPS Garfield NJ

Click the image to see the very quaint Garfield Post Office & meet Barbara, who's developed an instinct for spotting suspect packages.

Barbara mentions 'Joe', with whom the Faux Press conducted an earlier interview.

There was a time in my early writing career when going to the post office meant sending submissions to poetry magazines. The anticipation, excitement, & fear were all part of the experience. When the plexiglass & cameras appeared, visiting the USPS lost its charm. Thankfully I no longer have to hawk my works over the transom and my neighborhood PO harkens back to the days when not everyone was treated as a potential criminal. Thank goodness.

The music is military code for "mail call".

POST NOTE 10/07 - the Garfield PO is no longer in operation.


  1. I like these kind of videos. Capturing a few moments of the stories about the people we interact with.

    She obviously has a pride, passion and appreciation for her work and responsibilities. This is what allows her to develop her "sense". Things like this seem to be easier in smaller environments, like the local post office (we have a fairly small one here in Ojai too).

    This illustrates what I think of as an example of "the wiki way". Many passionate indivuals at edge points of social networks who can help implement trusted expert systems. On the other hand, as we move towards more "mass" applications (e.g., mass-transit, mass-marketing, etc), less efficient and less desireable means of service and security are required (e.g., air-marshalls, screenings, random profile checks and database searches, etc.). At some point this fails to the degree of requiring everyone to walk around airports with their shoes in their hands (as if they did not already have enough baggage to carry).

    It would be interesting to capture "Joe" too.

  2. Post office people are great.
    My uncle worked his way up from mail carrier when he got back from Vietnam, now he's Postmaster of Warrick County Indiana. The carriers are the best. They always have a story for me.

  3. Your Ojai post office is beautiful, Markus! Wow.

    Here's a link to my first encounter with Joe. You're psychic, dude. At your suggestion will revisit Joe for a vlog screening and get more footage.


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