Love The Work

One of the things I like most about "The World's Longest Open Love Letter: the movie" is that it is potentially an absolute melding of reality & fiction. A true cross-over of fiction & non-fiction; feature film / documentary. It iinvolves real entities and extant props.

Living well begins with loving one's work.

Only then can you truly live in love.

That's my goal.

Loving one's work begins with loving the self.

Before that, the capacity to be honest to the self.

Honor your natural gifts.

Any one of those things gets you closer.


The wacko in the tree.

"I want a woman."

What a great role.

Watch the Spontaneously Combusting First Annual International Invitational Valentine's Day Faux Parade.

It's a trailer for "The World's Longest Open Love Letter: the movie"

P.S. Put a one-year moratorium on all pork-barrel spending. Nobody moves. Nobody gets hurt.

I'm just saying.

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