The Visual Arts League

"Community, Body, Mathematics, Water, Food & Screw", 2004, Jan McLaughlin, mixed media. Bumper Sticker for the Visual Arts League's Cork Gallery show at Lincoln Center.

The Visual Arts League of New Brunswick NJ is kicking some ass with its International Bumper Sticker show. It's a little bit arte postale and that's no bad thing. Check it out.

Here's a link to the larger image so you can read the fine print. Very important to read a poets' fine print.

Preparing to ship off to New Orleans road-trip extravaganza.

Will re-invest everything.

Must have great digital field-gear to make wonderful personal instant documentaries.

Working on the shopping cart.

And the sound cart.

Went shopping for a bit of new gear today. Mostly accessories.

The big purchase comes probably within the next 7 days or so: a brand-new gleaming Fostex PD-6. It will go over-the-shoulder if need be. Can output to hard drive after burning on internal hard drive / 8mm disc.

Mono-mix to TR's 1 & 2; multi-track pre-fade to TR's 4-6 for radios.

Very exciting.

I like making movies where I'm an investor. Much preferred for proper attitude working under great pressure.

They pay me to be awesome and I often am.

I love to listen.

The Girl With the Pearl Earring.

Music reminded me of Il Sogno.

Beginning to hear patterns, styles, see how choices were made.

Film music is much like poetry.

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