In & Out Theory

Either one produces or one sucks in information.

Either output or input.

It's difficult to do both at once.

That's why - in a Yin/Yang balancing act - I'm trying to do both.

By means of introduction, I am 48 - a SINK (single income; no kids); not only that, I'm:

  • post-menopausal and envisioning another turn to my career track;
  • neither rich nor poor
  • work 100-150 days a year for money
  • go out to a nice restaurant once a month
  • travel for pleasure for at least 2 weeks if not a month at least once a year
  • wake with the rooster 215- 265 days a year; write / compose / rehearse music until I pass out; nap; make lunch; work or play until 9 pm then crash
  • the kind of person who often consciously reduces sensory input
  • for the last 10 years I listened only in mono to music;
  • for the last 10 years I saw hardly any movies but those on which I worked or had a personal interest;
  • for three years, didn't watch a lick of television; and
  • for three years, watched an inordinate amount of television; then not
Now, I'm back. listening / watching everything I can afford to get my hands on. In stereo. Actually, I have a PA system for a stereo.
  • RULE: dont' fuck around
This has given me a delicious distance from which to see the direction these media have taken.

The socioeconomic divide between network / cable consumers is obvious & startling.

New cars. The auto manufacturers spend so much on advertising.

Lots of things are "age-defying".

My chick babyboomer market hasn't yet been tapped beyond fear of getting old. Beauty stuff and pharmaceuticals. Neutraceuticals catch on. Some automobile commercials appeal especially to us.

For output, I make spec commercials.

Learned in my mid-thirties to forgive myself for needing the in-and-out of it all; to trust in the cyclic nature of cash & sex.

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