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Twenty states require - on penalty of arrest - individuals asked by police to identify themselves. New York is one of those states, but New York law does not specifically suggest arrest or other sanction for non-compliance. In June, the Supreme Court upheld Nevada's arrest requirement for refusing to identify one's self to the police on demand.

New York also has a law that makes it a crime for 3 or more people to publicly wear masks.

Justice Silbermann - in denying United for Peace and Justice's petition to conduct protests in New York's Central Park - said that "nothing in the Constitution commands that dissemination of all forms of speech at all times on all kinds of property are absolutely protected under the First Amendment, without regard for the nature of the activity, the property or the disruption that might be engendered by unregulated expressive activity in certain circumstances."

AdRants says Jane Magazine's started Jane Talks Back, a contest wherein you win S.W.A.G. by sending in pictures of ads from the magazine. The New York Times ran the story. AdRants suggests the photos would make an interesting platform for satire.

The Faux Journalist concurs and hereby offers to host any and all such parodic images here. Email them to: jan at princess at large dot com.

A perfect example of mixed media marketing / MacLeod-ish "Conversation". Now, if I only had a copy of Jane.

For my menopausal SINK friends: The NY Times published a piece that says soy works while questioning its safety and emphasizing that nobody's proved how or why. Stick with in-the-pod beans - edamame - if you can find them. Usually in the frozen vegetable section. Refinement takes a toll.

There you have it.

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