Live Chick in the News

Singer / Songwriter Patty Griffin

One thing I really enjoy about being connected to DSL is the capacity to have a multi-media news connect that cuts to the quick.

Blogs. Video. Music.

I read about this Griffin woman in the Times, hook up to MusicMatch Artist on demand radio and listen to her music. Run on over to iTunes, affect a search and begin to download what I like most - an album's worth from several albums'-worth of Patty Griffin's music.

Bitch is good.

Cabaret / Country cross-over.

She plays a pretty mean guitar, too.

There's an advertising angle for ya: feature the satisfying real-time digital conversation between news, commerce, the computer and the arts.

Connected this morning in the same digitally instantaneous way to another group of artists - Polyphonic Spree - but found them too sacharine despite their innovative format (a 24-piece orchestra). It was not surprising to learn - in the last paragraph of the piece - that this group was affiliated through Hollywood Records with Disney.

Disney products would be less suspect if they treated their employees like human beings.

I'm just saying.

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