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Guys over @ Taylor Street Studio, Soluble Fish, and Joel Sugarman are making stuff together.

Elegantly done, fellas.

Methinks this was all shot on cell phone.

Video, moving, & mapping for purposes of storytelling.

Streamlined, real-time-to-web, yet long-lasting film making.

This is IT; this is what excites me for development, production and marketing stories.

What kinds of stories can we really 'see' and ' hear' when delivered and taken in from a web site, cell phone, or iPod?

This kind of film making reminds me of Michael Figgis' cutting-edge "Time Code" -- one of my favorite films.

Figgis is a good pianist.

Found Will Leurs' project from his comment over @ one of Ted Hope's blogs that 'reviews' Twitter. I've written about Ted's Twitter Review post earlier.

[Narrative Walks Site]

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