Ted Hope's Tools

Ted Hope's Tools
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Ted Hope's blogging his bum off over at Truly Free Film (and elsewhere).

Ted represents the bleeding edge of indie film makers making the leap into the social media space.

The biggest obstacle from the indie side of film making as it looks at the new mediaspace is FEAR.

Fear of saying the wrong thing.

Fear of giving up control.

Writer / Director Raymond De Felitta's also right in there, mixing it up with passion and singular voice.

Fear of losing money.

When you got nothing to lose -- when the choice is making the movie or not making the movie -- then you'll do it by any media necessary.

The indie world's got nothing to lose.

Hope's got most of the tools he needs. Were he to include Mogulus the list would be more complete.

Hope's speeches from YouTube appear on the Faux Press Mogulus channel, where I'm curating motion pictures about the indie / social mediaspace intersection.

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